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At present I am rattling through the Google website optimizer piece of kit and TBH its really good. On this note big thanks to Jarrod who’s developed Google website optimizer system for .net websites to implement testing without having to do a rebuild of the website using some ingenious JavaScript and CSS work arounds so that different combinations work onsite – there was me using far more server side technology to run it and Jarrod had to show off :) Oh and he’s now found me a way to get the first visitor data and the data from their returning visit to show up in Google Analytics (we think – testing that straight after this post).


  1. Overview post on Google website optimizer – good starting place for anyone who’s interested in whats going on. Nice and easy introduction for all those new to onsite conversion etc.
  2. Marketing Experiments set of links about Google Website Optimizer – I love this site. Its all testing and results driven – for evey online marketing channel you can think of these guys have probably done some cracking little test to give you some ideas on getting more out of it. ¬†This is their post is about helping you find the best way to improve your tests – as its only with good tests you’re going to get any decent information.
  3. Google Website Optimizer Cartoon – I was just going to use the image but I always liked the guys at GrokDotCom (one of the first places I ever heard about testing to convert more visitors if I am absolutely honest)
Thats me for today. Off to break some analytics with this new code I got. If it works I’ll take all the credit – if it goes worng I’ll being going over to Jarrods desk and smacking him around the head, (only joking about the physical violence… I promise).

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