TAGFEE – Is this an SEOMoz Concept?

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It’s 4am and I’m awake; which is very strange as myself and my duvet are enjoying a renaissance in our relationship due to being on holiday for three days. Anyway as I’m reading my RSS feeds when I wake up and catching up on twitter and facebook groups etc I end up on the SEOMoz website purely as I want to take the free version of the API and run a quick hack on some data to cross reference where the Moz Link Metrics were in relation to domains that I knew Google had whacked the day lights out of in penguin.

Anyway when I was wandering about in a pre-sunshine daze (yes in Scotland in Summer we don’t get sun light at this time in the morning). And by using my random clicking monkey surfer in flannel pj’s I stumble across the TAGFEE mission page ; something I’d really paid very little attention to previous (I still stick to the no asshole rule as my basic mission statement).

Transparent and Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, Exceptional

So I read about TAGFEE – it seems ok as a concept be a decent; moral sense, company and by creating a strong team and wider community exposition of these values then the company will be a “good” company to work for and do business with. Having met a few Mozzers (I mean those who work at SEOMoz rather than fans of the ex-Smiths front man Morrisey – not saying that the two are mutually exclusive) I’d say that they seem to be a good group of folks and polite – even when my Scottish brogue after a couple of Shandies has became inpenetrable.

Anyway this was meant to be a question rather than an early morning rambling but did SEOMoz come up with the concept of TAGFEE or did they just show me it? Long way for a short cut – now I’m off to finish looking at domains which have had a Google smack in Panda and comparing their variables against that in link analysis tools.


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