Virgin Media Broadband Connection #RantOfTheDay

I’m trying really hard to keep it together. I don’t think I’m winning. All day my internet connection has been bottoming out to less than I used to get on my old dial up 256 kbps connection.

It doesn’t matter which device I use (3 laptops, an ipad and an iphone) always the same. Get a decent signal and then whack it vanishes.

At first I thought it was my router and some TCP issue. Have restarted my router numerous times, changes the wireless settings (fixed channels vs auto channel selection), I’ve plugged it in which gave me 1 meg and tbh I’m getting angry. I need my Internet to work (am meant to be working now and not raging through the 3g connection on my iphone).

So I give up – for ages I’ve fought against going with sky purely because I believed in the value of my internet connection.

And to drive me up the wall I get the following every time I contact the online support :

22:38 Connecting...
22:38 Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
23:02 Connection closed. Attempting reconnection...
23:02 Connecting...
23:02 Failed.

That’s a real sample. Waste of time. As one of the tweet responses I got earlier on today said “I looked up the word “oxymoron” in the OED the other week – Virgin Media Customer Service was the definition“. Not surprised. Just annoyed.

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